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Carpet mess June 8, 2010

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Ok, so we we suppose to meet with our caseworker for the first time on the 14th. Now I don’t know when we will meet with him because I just found out our new carpet is not getting put in until at least the week of the 20th. We thought it would be sooner so I scheduled the visit for the 14th.

We just finished pulling up our old carpet so they could install new carpet for the whole house. I want everything to be picture perfect when they come. Oh, well just another waiting process. Me and Ryan are pros at this game.


One Response to “Carpet mess”

  1. When we had our first homestudy done we were in the same position. NO CARPET. Didn’t matter at all, we were approved. Remember the social workers are people, and they understand. It is not about how your house looks, it is about how amazing you will be as parents 🙂

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