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Pics of Kids Room August 16, 2010

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Well, I just finished putting up a mural in the kids room. I also painted it last week before the CW came to visit. A few months ago we got new carpet as well, so the room is brand new so to speak:) We got a beautiful dresser from a yard sale for $20 and we have been adding to the collection of toys. We still need to get the crib and twin bed. I got the mural at Kohls for $13!! It is one of those sticky ones, so if you ever need to take it down then you can. Its not that hard to put it up. Been looking everywhere for stuff to add the the kids room. I love garage sales so that is good and I have been looking on Craigslist. So just wanted to post these. Hope everyone is having a great monday.


4 Responses to “Pics of Kids Room”

  1. Linda George Says:

    Angel….I am so excited for you and Ryan. I know that you will be great parents, foster or adoptive. You and Ryan have soooo much to give and any child would be so lucky to be taken into your home. Love you guys so much….Aunt Linda

  2. Dawn Says:

    Don’t forget about Freecycle. I once gave away a toddler bed with mattress and a stove all in great shape I just didn’t want to sell them when I knew there would be someone somewhere who NEEDED them. Of coarse, now I find my self needing that toddler bed back. LOL Oh well Half the fun of setting up the new room is getting the stuff.

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