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First Foster….Dog? August 23, 2010

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No, DCFS didnt show up at our door wanting us to foster a dog:) One of Ryan’s family member’s is in the hospital. THey have been for the past week, with no forseeable discharge date. Me having a soft heart said we would keep Baily, there dog until they are able to get out of the hospital. As many of you know I have a soft heart for dogs. Thats an understatement of the year:) Well it has been a week and it has been nothing short of chaotic. I cannot wait until they get out of the hospital. So I was thinking about all the ways that this dog reminds me of what it would be like with a new fosterchild. THere are several similarities to both situations. So I thought is would be educational to list them here for your pleasure.

1. As a few of you may know, when you get a call from a caseworker about a foster child they have little to no details at time about the child. Alot of the times the information is totally false, so basically you need to draw your own conclusions when you meet the child. Similarities between fosterkids and my fosterdog= We were first told that Baily was wonderful with other dogs and that he did not pee or poop in the house. WRONG!!!! He does not get along with Sam or Evan and is very dominant. He does pee and poop. Which with brand new carpet makes me want to scream.

2. Alot of times foster kids come into care with little to nothing by means of clothes and may have head lice and their hair and body could be unkempt. Through no fault of their own. Similarities = Baily came to us with tape worms and hair that was matted beyond belief. A few hours later of shaving and a trip the the vet fixed that. Poor puppy.

3. Many foster children have no social skills whatsover. Similarities = Baily does not know how to interact with Sam and Evan. Baily consistently dominates them and fights with them.

4. When a new child comes into your home be prepared to have your routine turned upside down. Similarities = Since we have had Baily I have not gotten good sleep, we have to keep a constant watch on him and the boys, and he isnt used to our routine.

These are just a few of the main similarities. Let me clarify that I know that by no means are kids and dogs on the same level, but since we are going to be foster parents I kept on seeing the slight similarites that we might face when we have our own foster children. Our routines WILL change and we will have to adjust when we are blessed with children. This annoyance right now is going to be little compared to what we will have to face. But I am willing to go the distance and learn to be more patient and wiser when we are licensed. I am sooo eager to have children in the home and be able to love someone that doesnt have a tail. I just thought it was interesting when i started thinking how Bailey is like a kid.

Dont get me wrong Bailey has been through alot and he is a lovable little guy, even when I am running after him in the yard. He does deserve the very best that a family can offer. That is what I believe about any child. It WILL be rought and tiring sometimes but I know that I will love every minute of it. We are soo ready and willing to open our hearts.


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