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First Night of PRIDE August 28, 2010

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Well we have one class down and eight to go…. I was really nervous when i got there because I am shy around new people. But once the class got started I started to become less anxious. There were about thirteen people in class which is good, I was afraid there would be a whole bunch of people. We were the youngest couple there by a year. Most of the people were over 35. We did introductions and talked about what we were proud of and I said my two dogs Sam and Evan:) Ryan said his marriage and his wife (suck up) LOL. The class was three hours long and we sat in these pews that were hurting by butt. So I was like a kid that wouldnt sit still. I kept on moving around. The teacher of the class said that he would be taking notes each week about our participation in group. Well that just put my anxiety level back up there. I am not really a person that speaks in groups and now I have to. He said he was not there to judge but that he just wrote down how we were doing. So, Ryan was talking alot through class. I will start to speak up next week. I got to pace myself. Everyone in the group seemed nice. I hope to make friends so we can keep in touch after class.

The majority of the class talked about was DCFS was and how they operated. We got a ton of stuff to take home and read, and also we get homework each week. I know I will learn a lot for these classes and hope they dont scare Ryan away. I know the majority of things to expect from DCFS but Ryan is just getting started, so hopefully he wont run screaming out of class one night. Cant wait to go to next weeks class so I can start getting involved in the discussions. I want to get that star at the end of the class:)


2 Responses to “First Night of PRIDE”

  1. Em Says:

    I just found your blog because I’m interested in fostering. I haven’t really talked much with my husband about it yet, and this is the thing that makes me most nervous. If he thinks it’s a good idea and we sign up, I’m afraid he might get scared away by the stories and all of the ‘work’ the classes are! 🙂 We have two bio kids ages 8 and 4, and while I think we might like to have more, we could be more helpful by opening our home to foster and perhaps foster/adopt.

    • ilovelucy72 Says:

      Thats wonderful! My husband was not wanting to do foster care at first because he didnt know much about it. He also was too keen on going to classes for nine weeks. But once we talked about it and I got him more info he was excited to get started. The PRIDE classes that we took were not all that bad. We met some great people and learned alot. We had to do homework each week, but it took us no longer than fifteen minutes to do the homework. So I would definately get more info on what your requirements are for being foster parents and share that with your husband. What state are you from? We are from Illinois and can give you a little info if you are in our state. Also the website has foster parent forums that I have found to help tremendously. If you have questions or comments their is always someone to talk to there. Also, there is a podcast called that is really great.

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