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Chugging along…. September 12, 2010

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New Twin Bed!!!!!

Well, I need to update this more often. Not much has really gone on since I last posted. We have completed three PRIDE classes and have six more to go. Yeah!!!! I have been speaking up more in class which is good and Ryan has been very vocal. As you can see we got a new addition to the kids room. We need to have a twin bed and a crib before we can become licensed since we are taking 0-5 year olds. Ryan’s mom is buying a crib from a friend so we will soon have pics of the crib for you to see. We actually bought this bed off of Craigslist for $100! Which is great because it came with the bed and mattresses. My sister-in -law helped me pick out the quilt thats on it now. Since we dont know if we will get boys or girls we are only buying neutral stuff. The room is coming together quite nicely if I dont say so myself

On the job front I will be having a third interview with a new job prospect on wednesday. I am so ready to start working again. I miss being productive. I also want to get settled into my job before we get licensed. Since me and Ryan will both be working the kids will go to daycared during the day. I will drop them off around seven and he will pick them up at 3:30. The job that I am interviewing for would have great benefits and would be a flexible work schedule, so I need to take the kids to the doctor or something I could work something out.

We are almost finished with our paperwork for licensing. IT seems like we have had a ton of paperwork. Which is how it should be. We sent in a huge packet last week and our CW sent a few more iteims for us to fill out. After that alll we have to do is finish our classes and have a final walk through of our hous with our Case worker. So needles to say on that day of the walk through my MIL will be coming over to help out. Love ya Bev!!! I was thinking to myself the other day that i am counting down the days and hours until we are licensed and I havent really given any thought towards the present. I mean our whole lives are going to change the minute that child walks through the door. Nothng will ever be the same. Which is a good thing, but I need to savor the moments that me and Ryan have together. These next two months we should really spend quality time together and enjoy the little things that we take for granted. Like coming home and eating dinner in the living room while watching tv. When we get kids we want to eat at the dinner table like a family. Or sleeping in on the weekends, or on the spur of the moment going for a ride. So these last few days I have been enjoying the quiet moments and relaxing more instead of being anxious and wanting to hurry the process up. The day will come soone enough. Well thats it for me right now. I will definately keep up wit this blog because I want to be able to read this in the years to come and laught about how me and Ryan got through this process (hopefully:) See ya

PS: On a side note for those of you that follow me (if any:) Bailey went home with his mom last week. He is doing great and we will actually miss him. Love ya Bails!


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