Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Over the hump!!!! September 29, 2010

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Sam and Evan( my fur babies)

[[/ So we only have four more PRIDE classes to go. We have all the paperwork in and only need to have the final walk throug with our licensing worker. I posted a beautiful picture of our newly purchased convertible crib. It is a crib/toddler/daybed/full size bed. Ryan picked it out. Doesnt he have nice taste! I also posted a picture of our current "kids" Sam and Evan are our babies right now. Sam is in desperate need of a hair cut, which I plan to do this weekend. In our classes we have been talking about grief and loss and also our social network. Alot of feeling were brought up when we talked about all the losses that we have had in our lives. I miss my sister April so much and wish she could have met Ryan. She would have loved him. She also, would have loved our future foster children. She had such a big heart. Foster children have so many losses in their short lives that we sometimes dont thing about. Like basically losing everything they have ever known! We might think that they should be greatful for having a more stable home, but their previous homes and living conditions was all they knew. They didnt know any better.

I was in foster care two times as a child, and I remember thinking how foreign it was to have food in the fridge. When I went into fostercare the first time as a nine year old I remember sneaking food out of the fridge at night. Also, I thought it was weird that everyone ate at the kitchen table. We are going to foster 0-5 year olds so in that stage of life the children might have limited speech abilities and sometimes cannot express all the emotions that they are having. That is why Ryan and I need have alot of patience and compassion for these innocent children who have lost so much. It just breaks my heart to know that people are abusing children. It actually really PISSES me off!!! Ryan was telling me about a couple that just recently beat their four year old to death! What the hell where they thinking? Wait they werent thinking. Ok, gotta take a slow breath……

Sorry went off on a tagent. This coming week we talk about dicipline in foster care. So that will be interesting. I am counting down the days until we get the call from our agency. October 21st cannot come soon enough:)


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