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Only two more weeks till graduation:) October 8, 2010

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Yup, that right! We had our seventh PRIDE class last night and only have two left. On October 21st we will graduate from PRIDE classes. I am soooo happy!!!! Now, you may wonder whats next? Well we only have to do one more visit with our licensing worker and then she sends her report off the DCSF. They then issue us a foster parents license!!!! I dont really know how long that takes, but hopefully we will be parents by Thanksgiving time. We will just have to wait and see.

I just wanted to post this picture of our car seat we bought a few weeks ago. The so adorable Lotso Hugging Bear is the first to try the car seat out:) I didnt think car seats were that expensive until we bought ours. Boy can they get pricey fast. We bought this one at Wal-mart and it goes from 22 pounds to a full booster seat. So we paid a little more that we should have. But we dont know what age we will get so we wanted to be prepared. Watch us get twins, LOL. Well, I will keep you posted, until next time…….


3 Responses to “Only two more weeks till graduation:)”

  1. Angie Says:

    Hello, you may know me as foster-mom-to-be from After sending my last PM to you I thought I would check out your blog and well I think it’s great!! We have so much in common I felt like I had wrote this blog myself lol! I think you and Ryan are going to be amazing foster parents!! I can’t wait to follow your journey through parenthood!

  2. Em Says:

    Make sure you start looking for an infant seat too… you never know, you might end up with a little premie at only 5lbs as your first placement!

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