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Happy Halloween:) October 31, 2010

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Hopefully this will be the last blog that I write on Halloween. Next Halloween I would like to be going Trick or Treating with our foster/adopt children. My Cousin came by tonight with her son who was in the most adorable puppy dog outfit and it brought tears to my eyes knowing that one day we could dress our own kids up and take them out. I was out and about yesterday and saw many children dressed in their cute costumes walking around collecting candy with their parents. It hit me then that this Halloween would more than likely be our last without children. YAHOO!!!!! I want so much to be able to go to the store and pick out a costume for my child(ren), dress them up and take them out to family and friends to collect candy. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

It has been six days since we were officially licensed. It seems like six years. I jump at every phone ring and constantly check my email. When Ryan doesnt answer his phone I get onto him about being available at all times in case we get the call. One of my ultimate fears is that we will get our first call and have to say no to the placement. We only are accepting children 0-5 years old and can only have two. What if we get the call and it is for a ten year old? Our licensing worker is the best, and she knows our preferences, so more than likely it will not happen. I just have all these what if’s running through my brain. What I need to do is enjoy the last few days or even weeks with Ryan. I do believe that God has his own timing and things will happen and we will have to be patient. Except I am not!! I need to work on that:) Well, until next time…..


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  1. Em Says:

    It will happen… 🙂

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