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Come on phone ring!!! November 8, 2010

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So it will be two weeks since we got licensed and still no call. I shouldnt complain because people wait for months sometimes, but in the area that our agency serves there are children coming into care all the time. Also, everyone in our classes and even our Licensing worker said it would not be long. Course it hasnt been long. I am just so impatient:(

In the meantime we took CPR/First Aid training yesterday to get our training hours out of the way. We each have to have 16 training hours in the next four years to keep up with our license. Ryan wants to get them done with right away. Our agency has classes every month and even when we finish our hours I would still like to go to the trainings to keep up with everyone at the agency. I just want to email or call our worker, but I dont want to be pushy. I will wait two weeks from tomorrow and then I will call. We’ll see if I stick to that:)

We are getting our nephews this coming weekend so that will keep my mind busy. Anything that keeps my mind busy is great. If I didnt work full time now I think I would go crazy waiting for the phone to ring. Well I am exhausted from shopping all day yesterday and cleaning today so I am going to hit the hay. I will definately let you all now as soon as we get a call. Until next time…..


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