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Adoption and Infertility November 19, 2010

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Japanese Festival

Soooo… calls yet:( I emailed our Licensing worker on monday and she hasn’t replied back. I know she knows we are here, but at least I felt better emailing her to let her know we are ready and waiting. What’s the deal? I have no patience at all.

We had our niece and nephews this past weekend and we had a mini thanksgiving dinner. I loved having them here. It was exciting, non stop action, and exhausting all at the same time. I wouldnt have traded it for anything.

I am a frequent(daily) member of an online forum for foster parents and they had a thread about infertility and adoption through foster care. I didn’t post anything yet but I understand where these women are coming from. As many of you know we went through the rigors of infertility treatments only to find out that our best best would be to do IVF with a donor egg. So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the fertility world that means that we would use Ryan’s sperm and another person’s egg to concieve. I would be the person carrying our baby but my eggs just weren’t cutting it. This would cost us around $22,000. Oh, here’s the kicker. It only had a 60% chance of success. Also, I have a chromosone disorder that would make it very hard to carry the baby to term. Thus, we decided to go down the foster/adopt journey. I always wanted to foster. Since I myself was in foster care as a child and teenager, I wanted to give back. So when we found out about that we couldn’t have children on our own I was more in shock than anything. At the time I thought, “Oh well we can just adopt.” But as days turned into months and the reality sunk in I was devastated. I wanted to have children that looked like Ryan, and had my cute little nose:) I wanted to go through pregnancy and have the overwhelming feeling of holding a child that me and Ryan created together. It sucks, it really sucks!!!!! So, we both still grieve for our loss and secretly hope that we will have a miracle baby one day. Hey, we are only 29yrs old. Miracles happen every day.

So I understand the steps that people take in order to come to the decision to adopt. We are so happy that we will be able to someday adopt a child that really needs and deserves a home. We will love that child as if they came from my womb. We will teach our child(dren) and be there whenever they need us. So yes it does hurt that we wont have “biological” children but we have hope and the knowledge that we will parent. As we go along on this journey to parenthood I find that I become more amazed with those who are blessed to have parented, whether it be through adoption or birth. I hope that I will soon be one of those privileged people.

PS- On a side note this pic I put in here is a picture of when me and Ryan went to the japanese festival at the botanical gardens last year. I just thought I would share the pic. Until next time……


6 Responses to “Adoption and Infertility”

  1. Phil Says:

    Hi, I recently found your blog through the forums. My wife and I have been in the foster-adopt process for about three years. I wish you best of luck on the journey and look forward to following your progress!

  2. ilovelucy72 Says:

    Thank you, I hope all is going well in your journey as well. Have you been able to adopt any children yet? Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Phil Says:

    No, not yet. We have had a few potentials over the time but none have panned out. Our criteria is fairly wide, too…age 5 up to 17.

  4. Penny Says:

    Glad to have found your site! We have adopted one little boy now 3 and will adopt another in 2011. Bless you in your journey.

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