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Discouraged November 30, 2010

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Well, we got an email from our Licening worker today. I called her yesterday to just see how things are going. It will be over a month since we were officially licensed, and still no calls. I have become discouraged even though there are many out there that have waited alot longer than we have. I just assumed that we would get a placement right away. Anyway, this is what she wrote to me.

Hey Angel!

Sorry I didn’t return your call yesterday. I have alot of stuff piling up because of the holiday. I wanted to tell you and Ryan that I recently got your CPR/First Aid cards and I will be forwarding them in the mail to you. Don’t worry we have not forgotten about you guys. I know that it is very exciting when you first get your license. I know you know this but just to reiterate, we don’t have any control over the cases that get referred to our agency or when and what children come into care of the state in our area. Our area is very broad spanning from towns like White Hall all the way down to Shiloh. If a traditional foster care case gets referred to our agency that matches your age range and capacity you will be called. Or if a foster child that is one of our existing cases has to change placements that matches your age range and capacity you will be called as well. It is all by chance pretty much. The area we live in happens to have a majority of cases that go into relative homes because, by law, children who come in care have to have a shot at staying with a relative first. We are going to be taking alot more new cases in January but I will have no idea who those children will be or how old they are, obviously. If you ever consider changing your age range or becoming a Specialized Foster Home let me know. Specialized Foster Homes are licensed to care for children who are considered special needs either emotionally, behaviorally, or medically. I hope this helps. Just be patient, because I cannot control when and what types of children come into care and are referred to our agency. My suggestion to you is to relax and pray about it and always be prepared to accept a placement. 🙂

This letter encourages me and also bums me out. Our licensing worker is awesome. She has always be quick to call or email us back and has been on the ball with us getting licensed. But when she mentioned that they would be taking on more cases in january that just made me immediately think that we might not have any kids before Christmas time. I was really hoping we could have Christmas with some kids in the house. I am glad to hear that many children that come into care are going to family members. I know that the best place for the kids(if its a healthy enviroment) is with their family members, especially during the holidays. But this also means that we wont get called. She also told us that we could become a specialized home. We definately would get called sooner because those children sometimes can be hard to place, but me and Ryan are not ready to take on that challenge. I also think that our age range is pretty broad, and we would not feel comfortable with going over six. We are first time parents and really need to take it slow, even though I want to dive right in. So as I have said a million times over we will just have to be more patient and really enjoy this time that we have together. But I will still keep my phone right by me at all times. Hey, who knows we could get a call tomorrow for all we know. Well until next time…….


2 Responses to “Discouraged”

  1. Kamaria Says:

    Don’t be discourged. After a year long process my husband and I finally got approved this past Thursday and we found out when a case worker called us at 5:30 trying to place three childern. We don’t have the room for three, two is the limit.

    We have age range from Infant – 10, girl only. We already have three boys (biological) and they are all teenagers, so we for now don’t want anymore boys.

    It will come, just go on with your life, read and stay educated and pretty soon your house will be full of more love and laughter.

  2. ilovelucy72 Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. Congratulations on getting approved. I pray that you will soon find your little girl(s) as well:)

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