Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Sam November 30, 2010

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Sammy bammy

This is a picture that we took of Sam when he was only eight weeks old. We had just brought him home and sat him on my desk to take a bunch of cute pictures. If we put him on the desk now he would take up the whole table:) Sam is a adorable mini schnauzer that came into our lives in May of 2008. He was our second puppy dog and the love of our lives. He and Evan are basically our children so to speak. He sleeps with us, goes out with us when he can, and is spoiled rotten. He gets plenty of sugars(kisses) and all of our attention.

Looking back now I know that at the time we got Sam we were trying to fill a void in our lives left by our miscarriage. I wanted something to take care of, to hold and cuddle, and to take the pain away. I thought that getting a puppy would alleviate the deep pain that we had at the time. The pain didnt get any better. Yes I was busy with potty training, but I was just ignoring what was buried deep inside. I became obsessed with everything dogs. I had to make sure that my dogs had the best of everything. They were my babies and they would want for nothing. It really wasnt until Ryan pointed out what I was doing that I realized that I needed to take a step back and really grieve for our loss. Sam did help me through this time, and he still helps me today. He always brings a smile to my face and I know he will be there for me no matter what I do. I am really blessed to have him in my life. Sam and Evan(my other puppy) are the sunshine of my days. As we wait not so patiently for a call from our Licensing worker I remember all that Sam and Evan have helped me through, and all the fun we will have when we add another member to the family. Until next time……..


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