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First Respite December 12, 2010

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Yeah!!!! We finally got a call from our Licensing worker. Ok, so it wasnt asking us to take a long term placement, but rather a respite placement. For those of you who don’t know what a respite placement is, let me explain. It’s basically babysitting. All foster parents get respite days for when they might need a break, a family emergency, travel, etc. Respite can be anywhere from a day up to thirty days. We are getting a little three year old girl for ten days! December 24th through January 3rd.

I was sitting in this horribly boring training last friday when I looked down to see my phone lighting up showing Catholic Charities. Well, needless to say, I basically ran out of the room to answer the phone. Christina, our licensing worker, immediately told me she wasn’t calling for a long term placement for us, but rather a respite placement. My balloon deflated a little but I was still excited to hear what she had to say. Of, course already my mind was saying YES we can do respite. She told me that a little three year old girl needed respite while her Foster mom went on a trip over christmas break. I couldn’t believe it! I wanted so badly to have a little girl in our home for christmas, and my wish came true. Ok, so she isnt staying, but that doesn’t matter. We will love her and make sure she has the best christmas ever. I needed something to look forward to, and this is it.

Ryan is very excited as well, but also cautious. I don’t think he wants to be hurt because he knows that she will not be staying. I feel that as well, but I am too excited. I know there will come a day when they call us for our own little one. Until that day I will love the little ones that pass through our home. I don’t think I would mind doing respite. The more the merrier. We got her a little glow worm for her to have. We decided awhile ago that any child that comes into our home will get a glow worm to have, and take home with them if they go home. I remember having a glow worm as a kid and how awesome they were when they light up. We also got some bath toys. Ryan’s parents are very excited about the little girl coming. Bev got her a little bow to wear for christmas. For the sake of this blog I will be refering to the little girl as Sweetie. I will have alot more to blog about when she comes. So we look forward to having Sweetie for Christmas and New Years!!!! I will definately most more when we get her. Oh, and thank you all so much for praying for us. Until next time……


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