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First Respite Experience:) December 27, 2010

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Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend. When all was said in done I had a wonderful Christmas. We picked up Sweetie on Friday at eleven am central standard time. When I saw her my heart melted and I was love struck. She is the most articulate three year old that I have ever known. She was excited about coming to our house and we were on our way home with our little Sweetie in no time. We were so excited for her to meet the famiy that we went over to Bob and Bevs(MIL and FIL) a few hours before we were suppose to be there. She has the most beautiful long blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Everyone fell in love with her. She is very sassy though, which at times can be cute and other times frustrating. She stayed up till midnight with us on Christmas eve the open presents and spending time with family. What an exhausting day! She is none stop on the go kind of girl. We got home at midnight and she went straight to bed in her beautifully made bed. I almost cried when I tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. I was so excited to have a little girl for Christmas, even if it is temporary. She slept till nine am Christma morning and was in a great mood waking up. She eat everything and anything. What a big girl. We gave her a bath and put her in her beautiful Christmas dress, put a bow in her hair and started to curl her hair. We were only moments away from walking out the door to spend the day eating and lounging at a families home. It couldnt get any better.

So lets get into the fun part. When we were picking her up her Foster Mom told me that they put lotion in her at night after she got a bath. Many times on Christmas eve night she would itch at the back of her kneck. Now I thought that she just had dry skin and so I put lotion on her and didnt think nothing of it. Well that was my first mistake. As I was curling her last few curls I noticed something that had an unmistakeable shape. A NIT!!!!!! Yes, She had LICE!!!!!! WTF!!!!! I wasnt grossed out at all just frustrated that we were just about ready to walk out the door when we found out that she had it. I myself had lice so many times as a child that I have lost count. I went to the living room and told Ryan and then called her foster mom. She told me that she probably got it from the babysitter’s. Sweetie is the only child in her home, so that was the conclusion. Ryan actually handled it better than I thought he would. He actually helped me pick out all the nits. So began the three hour process of shampooing, and nit picking. All the clothes and toys had to be cleaned. YEAH!!!! Meanwhile, all our other family members were enjoying a wonderful home cooked meal at our Aunt’s. Welcome to Parenthood:) She was a trooper through it all. We were finally able to get done and rush over to the families to spend a few hours playing and eating. Lucky us, we get to do the whole treatment over in a week, just in time to send her back home with a clean head of hair.

She has been doing wonderfully and we both want to keep her so much. Unfortunately that is not a possiblility, and so we wait for our own call, and enjoy every minute we have with her. So I just wanted to give you an update on our little Sweetie. I am sure I will have something to write about tomorrow, as we will have new stories to tell. Now I am going to enjoy the few minutes I have before I have to go to bed. Until next time……


2 Responses to “First Respite Experience:)”

  1. Penny Says:

    I would rather catch vomit than deal with lice! We are foster parents too. Thanks for sharing!

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