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Back to waiting:( January 23, 2011

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Well, as most of you know we did not get Jack. We got a call three hours before we were to pick Jack up and our LW told us that he was going to live with is older brother in another foster home. Needless to say we were shocked, upset and depressed. We had everything ready, and I mean everything!!!! It will be two weeks tomorrow since we got that depresssing news. Since then it hasnt been a good few weeks. We both got sick and are still reeling from not gettting Jack. I should have known not to get my hopes up. Unfortunately this happens all the time in the foster care world. NEVER count your ducks till their hatched. It pisses me off because I know the next time we will get a call we will be guarded. We wont be as enthusiastic. We heard from our agency that they would be taking on more cases, and so hopefully we will get called soon. I need to keep myself busy doing something. We have an all day training on February 15th which would have us all done with training hours. Well just wanted to give you guys an update. Until next time……


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  1. Ryan Schneider Says:

    Love you!

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