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Journey to completing our family

What I have learned so far March 14, 2011

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What have I learned on this journey????? Have I learned anything? These are questions that I have asked myself on a daily basis these last few weeks. I guess each new day brings a new lessoned learned. Some days are small lessons learned and other days are major lessons learned. The whole point I think is to grow from the lesson, mistakes, and accomplishments that you make. I know that is really a cliche, but it is absolutely true. Here are a few lessons I have learned since starting this journey…..

1. The waiting for a call is HARD!!!! I waited 3 1/12 months for our first long term placement. When we first started out we were told to expect a placement within days of being licensed, well that didn’t happen. I have obssessed over getting a call. I have an online forum that I go to EVERY day to read about other people foster parent stories and to get advice and encouragment. Each time someone would get a new foster placement it would kill me. I wanted it to be me!!! It was just stressing me out. After Chase left I have still gotten onto the forums on a daily basis, but I do not obsess anymore. The call will come when it comes.

2. It is an emotional roller coaster ride!!!! My emotions have been hectic to say the least. With one single phone call your life could change forever. When we had Chase our emotions were up and down all the time. This is not for the faint of heart.

3. Do NOT be afraid to say no to a placement that doesn’t fit you criteria. I made the huge mistake saying yes to a placement out of our criteria. They called me about a 7yr old with severe behavioral problems. I was so excited about finally getting a call that I said yes before fully reviewing the placement situation. Know your limitations, and your capabilities. We are brand new to FPing and also parenting, so we should have been more careful in our requirements. Enough said….

I have learned so much and will be more cautious and patient now. I am trying to let things flow. I know, easier said than done Just thought I would share. Until nex time……


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