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Sweetie makes a comeback:) March 23, 2011

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So a few nights ago I am laying on the couch enjoying a quiet relaxing time with Ryan when I decide to check my emails on my iphone. I have a confession to make. I am one of ‘those” people that constantly check their emails, facebook page and the news on my phone. I rarely go a day without checking up on things. Well it just so happens that this was one of those days. I hadn’t checked my email since early that morning.

So I look through my emails and low and behold I have an email from Christina(our licensing worker). She emailed me and asked me if I would like to do respite for Sweetie!!!!! Now for those of you just tuning into my blog, Sweetie was our first placement. We were asked to do respite for her over the holidays. So we had her for ten wonderful days. She spent Christmas and New years with us. She was the perfect kid to get our feet wet, so to speak. I never thought we would get to watch her again. Now I was reading an email asking if we would like to watch her for a weekend in April. To say I was thrilled is an understatement. I checked my email at seven pm and she sent it at four thirty pm. I was so excited that I emailed her back right away and said yes. I was a little disappointed in myself that I didnt see her email sooner. Course, even if I had I know she wouldn’t have time to email me back that afternoon. Silly me. So now we are looking forward to having a little one in the home again. Christina did reply back the following day and said that she was happy we were available and said that she enjoyed working with us.

If your wondering if we had any calls lately, then sorry but we havent gotten any. I am ok with that for now. There are days when I get impatient and wonder if we are ever going to get a call, but I really am enjoying being able to get some things done like finish my crocheting projects and relaxing with Ryan. Also, the season if FINALLY coming in which we will have to do a lot of yard work. I am actually looking forward to getting out and about. I am so sick of this cold weather. Well just thought I would share. Until next time…..


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