Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Sweetie’s here!!! April 16, 2011

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She arrived last night at 8pm. A little late than we expected, but still she’s here!!!! She has grown a little but still the same beautiful little girl. She remembered us and gave me a big smile when she saw me, which melted my heart. I spent all day cleaning the house and getting ready for this weekend. I gave her bath and by the time that was finished it was time for bed. She went right to sleep after I read her a book. It feels so good to have a little girl in our home. She slept well and woke up about 7:30am this morning. A little earlier than I would have liked but thats ok. I rememeber when she was here she used to sleep till like 9:00am. I bet she is used to getting up at that time during the week. Right now she is watching the Barbie Nutcracker. We need to pick up some kids tooth paste because she didnt bring any. Well we have a fun filled day ahead. I will update later. So far so good. Until next time……


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