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Sweetie part 2 April 27, 2011

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So we had a great weekend with Sweetie!! I miss her sooo much. Wish I could keep her. This picture is Sweetie at my sister-in-law’s baby shower. Sweetie is marveling over the cutiest baby shower cake. Just FYI, I am sharing this pic with you because it does not show Sweetie’s face. She was really good and was no put in time out one time. When her foster mom dropped her off she said that Sweetie had been having some behavioral problems and needed to be watched at all time. I was not really concerned because we only had her a few days and knew that she would be in the honeymoon phase(and also spoiled, thanks Bev). Not to say I am not concerned for her well being, but rather I knew she would be good for us. I think her foster mom is doing a great job with her and know she is capable hands. She slept, ate and played well. Everyone was excited to see her and spoiled her rotten.

We had my sister-in-laws baby shower on sunday and she did well at the shower, except for when she wanted to open all the presents:) One thing that bugged me was that everyone was giving into her every whim. If she wanted candy or junk food people would happily give it to her. I kept on having to say no to her when others said yes. I can’t imagine when we get a long term placement. We will definately have to talk to everyone and let them know that they cant just everything they want. I know family members mean well but it doesnt help Sweetie, or us for that matter.

When her foster mom came to pick her up on sunday she mentioned that we would probably be getting Sweetie again in May and July for a weekend. I am excited to see her again. I want to build a good relationship with her foster mom so that we could have any chance we could of spending time with her. Also, in the back of my mind I think, well maybe if she gets put up for adoption we could have a chance of adopting her. But I know almost certainly that her foster mom will want to adopt her. Which she should have a chance because she has been working really hard to help Sweetie with her behaviors.

When FM dropped Sweetie off on Friday we talked a little about not getting any calls yet. She stated that her agency(she is a case manager for another private agency) was getting referrals. WTF!! What about us! She did say that her agency was larger than ours and that we did have a limited age range. Which, no matter how long it takes we will not up our age limit. So we continue to wait and hope. As I said before we will stay with our agency for a year and then transfer to the county if we dont get any placements. I know they know that we are here, but I guess there just hasnt been any placements that fit our criteria. Until next time…….


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