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Got a Call!!!!! April 28, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — ilovelucy72 @ 9:24 pm

So we finally got a call today!!! I was just thinking about emailing our LW worker to see why its taken so long. The little girl is six years old. I know that is a little above our age range, but its a girl!!! I cant tell you how I have longed for a little girl. After careful consideration we have decided to take her. It will be a challenge because she has behavioral problems but we are going to give it our all. More than likely she will be here tomorrow. I have so much to do. Thankfully I am off tomorrow. As it looks right now she will be eligible for adoption by the summer. But we are going to take it one day at a time. I know from past experiences that it is all you can do. For right now I am not going to give her a “blog name” until we meet. I am really hoping that this doesnt fall through at the last moment. But I seriously doubt that will happen(famous last words) because she is in a temorary shelter and needs a home asap. Ryan will be taking a week off to get her settled. Now it time for me to get a girly bed set:) We have Toy Story bedding but I want a girly room. I will keep you posted. Wish us luck. Until next time……


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