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Princess Arrives May 1, 2011

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Well we went to pick up our little six year old girl on friday!!!! For this blog she will be forever named Princess:) She is such a girly girl. We went to pick her up and it took us two hours to get to the office. By the time we arrived I was so nervous and excited at the same time. We were able talk to the CW’s Supervisor before our Princess arrived. We learned some more about her and also that she will more than likely be available for adoption by the end of the summer!!! I know crazy huh. But as we all know in the foster care world don’t count your chickens untill they are hatched. Princess’s CW asked Ryan on the phone if we would be willing to adopt. He told her that our main goal is adoption but that we really needed to meet with her and and talk one thing at a time. I know she was just feeling us out, but we really need to take things slow.

So when she came into the room my heart melted. I have always wanted a brown haired blue eyed child and she was standing in front of me. She was very hyper and friendly and I just wanted to hold her close to me. We also found out that she is left handed!!! Thats neat because Ryan and I are both lefty’s:) So we would be a family of lefty’s. So it has been two day and things have been going good. I know she is in the honeymoon phase, but hope that things go well.

She does have few attachment issues. The first night she was here she said she wanted to stay here forever and said she loved me. We also set a rule where she would have to ask to give someone a hug or kiss, otherwise she would just run up to everyone and give them hugs. She has been in a few homes, so I am sure we can work on the attachment concerns and also some other things she is having trouble with.

I am exhausted though!!!!! The first night she was hear I hardly slept because I was afraid she was going to get out of bed. This past night I slept better. Ryan is taking off for a few days to get her settled into school and daycare. She will finish up Kindergarten here and will hopefully go into first grade next year. So now we have finally started our journey. Actually, the funny thing is that we started the foster care process nine months ago and we finally have a placement that will stay for awhile, if not forever. So it is kinda like we were pregnant and waiting for our baby to be born, well a six year old baby:) Well gotta run for now. Until next time…..


One Response to “Princess Arrives”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I’m sooo excited for you guys! It’s been a long wait but I bet she will be worth it! My AD just turned 7 and I must say I LOVE this stage!

    Good luck! Keep us posted!

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