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Parenting is Exhausting May 19, 2011

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Well Princess has been with us for three weeks as of tomorrow, and what a few weeks it has been!!!! First off I have been very sick lately and that has taken a toll on everyone. I have been back and forth from the doctor to the ER and things just are so stressed right now. As far as Princess goes she is adjusting well. Well as well as can be expected. I have her set up with her doctors and therapist appointments so that is good. She has been going to school and daycare for the last two weeks. At school things are stressed and she has been not doing well there. We just got a call from the psychologist telling us that she was not doing too well. It is a hard time of year to come into a new school thought. Structure is not at its highest priority due to it being at the end of the year and there being field trips, and parties. And she is desperately in need of structure. As for daycare she doesnt listen well there either. We are looking into getting some books to read to help us out with her behaviors. Parenting is new to us and so is her behaviors. But anyway I am totally exhausted right now and will right some more later. She had her goodbye visit with her mom and also had a sibling visit the same day, so I will tell you more about that later(well not the details, just the basics). Until next time…….


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