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“Mommy” May 29, 2011

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So this picture pretty much describes how I have been feeling lately. Well, minus the baby on the breast:) It seems lately there has been more laundry. less time. and a crazy dog that get into everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING!!! But I guess that comes with being a new mommy.
Princess has been with us for one month now. I cant believe its been that long. It just seemed like yesterday that we went to get her. She has been doing fairly well. She does have problems at school and daycare, but she is settling in. Yesterday she had a wonderful day at school AND at daycare. Which has been rare these last few weeks. We spoke with the school counselor and she gave us a list of book recommendations to help us with understand why she reacts the way she does. I am reading “The Explosive Child” right now. I think every book I read I will give you guys a brief book review, just in case you are interested.
At home Princess has her moments but for the most part is cooperative and obedient. But she has only been with us a month so she still might be in the honeymoom phase.

She started calling me Mommy the first week that she was with us. She calls me Mommy all the time now. When I first heard her say Mommy I felt like I was out of place. Like I hadn’t earned that right, so to speak. But then I started to feel real special when she called me Mommy. I had my first mother’s day and it went beautifully. Princess got me a card and helped Daddy make me breakfast in bed. What a great first mother’s day. I want to be the best mother to Princess as I can be. I want her to feel loved and secure with us. I know it will take a long time for her to feel secure, but we are in this for the long haul.We are going to have great days and not so great days. She is more than worth everything. Until next time……


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