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Father’s Day June 28, 2011

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My dear husband Ryan had is first Father’s Day this year. Princess gave him a t-shirt with her handprints on it that says “World’s Greatest Dad”. She also gave him a new coffee mug. He woke up(extremely early) on Father’s day to Crispy Kreme Donuts, so he was happy about that. I haven’t quite figured out if Princess is a daddy’s girl or mamma’s girl. She loves all things girly, but also loves to watch Power Rangers, Transformers, and Voltron with Daddy. Daddy just recently found her a Pink Ranger doll and she adores it. She keeps it on her dresser at night, so if she wakes up she knows that the Pink Ranger will keep her safe from anything dangerous. Princess and Daddy do Hooked on Phonics every other night to help with her reading skills and she has been doing a wonderful job. I am so happy she has a positive male role model. Princess also made my DH a pot holder for Father’s Day. Remember those ones that you weave on your own? I do. I loved those things. Ryan’s mom still has some for when Ryan was a kid. I don’t really think that Princess had any positive male role model’s in her past so I am glad she has Ryan.

Its kind of amazing how we went from no children to having a six year old in the span of a few days. Before we got Princess I would not have guessed that we would be celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Day this year. Ryan got to have a relaxing day with his two favorite girls, and his two favorite girls loved every minute of it. Until next time…..


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