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My Creations July 3, 2011

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So you will have to forgive me because I am still learning how to put images onto my blog. Thats why they look a little off kilter. But I just wanted to show you guys my wonderful creations. The first pick is a little blankie with ribbons on the ends. I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called. Oh, yeah, they are called Taggies. Well some are. I have made two so far. One for my new little precious niece Rylee, and one for my little cousin. I still have two yet to do for other members of the family. The one for Rylee I don’t have a picture of so I will have to get one to show off how cute it is. The theme is sock monkeys. The first pictures is of my little cousin’s blankie. It has his first initial embroidered on it. Isn’t it cute:) The next picture is of a baby blanket I made for Rylee. The pictures dont do it justice. Up until about nine months ago I never considered myself a crafty person. That is until I realized I wanted to make my own children their own quilts, blankets and even some clothes.

You see my dear husband has family that made things such as quilts that have been passed down from generation to generation. I want that for my kids. In my small family we never had that and I want to do that for my kids. So the idea was born that I would learn how to sew and make quilts. I took a sewing class a few months ago, and really want to learn how to quilt so I am looking for a quilting class in my area. I could just buy a book and learn how to that way, but I am more of a visual learner. So far I have croucheted(sp?) a blanket, made a baby blanket, and made two mini blankets with ribbons. I have material to start making Princess her first quilt. and that will be exciting. Well I just thought I would share with you one of my hobbies. Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July weekend. Until next time…….


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