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What a day:) July 3, 2011

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So yesterday July 1st, 2011 we took our Princess to the Zoo. What was also significant about this day you might ask. Well it was 97 degrees out!!! It was SOOOOO hot and humid it wasn’t funny. But we had planned this trip all week long and decided to go and try it out. I also was anxious to try out my fancy new camera:) So just for the fact that we went to the zoo for the first time with our Princess made the day very special.

What else made this day special you might ask? What made me cry like a baby and thank God for our Princess? Well today we found out that Bio dad decided to sign his rights away. Making Princess free and clear for Adoption!!!!!!!! When her CW called and told me this I was crying like a baby on the phone. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I do understand though that it must have been a rough day for her bio dad, but he have given her a chance at a better and healthier life. We knew that DCFS would eventually terminate his rights, but was hoping he would sign his rights away so we wouldnt have to go through a TPR trial, and therefore could adopt Princess sooner. I am blessed to have only had her for nine weeks and be able to say that we WILL adopt her. Nothing is standing in our way.

So we found this news on the way to the zoo and the rest of the day was amazing. Princess got to pet goats, stingrays, bunnies. She road on a carasoul, train, and build her first Build-A-Bear toy(Pink Flamingo). By the time we ate lunch Princess and I were dying from the heat. But Daddy was adament about seeing the Giraffes and the monkeys. Which I am glad we saw, but did I mention how HOT it was? Princess was on her best behavior and we loved spending time as a family together. When we got home we went to Grandma’s and went swimming. What a fun filled day. To end a perfect day we cooked Smores on Grandma and Grandpa’s deck at sunset.

Princess was so pooped by the time we got home that she went straight to bed without a fight and slept in till 9am the next morning. Today we just relaxed after a fun filled day yesterday. Ok thats all for now. Until next time……


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