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” I Love You Because Your You” Book Review July 7, 2011

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I have always loved to read, and I read to Princess almost every night before she goes to sleep. I read her a great book that I think should be in all parents book collections. The book is called, “I Love You Because You are You” by Liza Baker. I got this book through one of those Scholastic order forms that kids get from school each month during the school year. I don’t know about you but I LOVED getting those order forms and searching through all the cool books and items you could buy. I remember begging my mom all the time to get me something from the Scholastic form. Well now I have the priviledge of ordering books for Princess. I have a feeling that once school starts again I will get myself in trouble with these order forms:) So we ordered five books from the last form of the year and anxiously waited their arrival. A few nights ago I read for the first time this adorable little book.

“I Love You Because You are You” book tells the story of a mother fox telling her young son that she loves him when he is sad, happy, angry, silly, etc. The message of the story is basically saying I love you no matter what you do, which is very important for my Princess to here. In one of the pictures the Mother Fox is trying to get her son to brush his teeth and he has his arms crossed and doesnt seem to want to brush is teeth. But she reassures him that she loves him even when he doesnt do what she asks him to do. We are constantly battling with Princess about brushing her teeth and this hit close to home for me. I want her to know that no matter how many times she screams at me, runs away from me, and tells me No that we will always love her.

So I highly recommend this book. Princess wanted me to read it to her twice, which she never asks for. Foster children often times think that if they act up they will get shipped to another home, that no one will want them. Unfortunately, that is the case sometimes. Princess has told me several times that she was bad and her other foster homes didn’t want her. It breaks my heart to hear that, but now she is with us and she isn’t going anywhere.

There are days that I just want to pull my hair out and stomp my feet, but I still love her. This book will definately be read at least a 100 times:) Kids need ressurance that someone loves them no matter what, and this book definately tells that story. Its a short read maybe five minutes and the pictures are cute. So go get yourself a copy. Until next time…..


2 Responses to “” I Love You Because Your You” Book Review”

  1. DA Says:

    Oh! I loved reading when I was young…can I recommend this book “You are Special”…OH I have loved that book for many years and still read it often!


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