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Fourth of July July 9, 2011

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Princess racing towards the fireworks

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend with Princess. She listened well this weekend and she got to see some of my side of the family. We spent the Fourth at my mother and father-in-law’s bbqing, egg hunting, watching the towns fire works and doing our own fireworks. Now you might have thought you read wrong when I wrote about egg hunting:) Nope, thats right, we did an Easter egg hunt on the Fourth of July. You see this past Easter we usually have an Easter egg hunt but couldn’t do it because it rained. So the next big holiday that all the family got together is July 4th. We decided to do the egg hunt then. So this past monday I helped Grandma hide the eggs and Princess and Ryan’s little cousing found the eggs. She found about forty eggs and recieved ten dollars in quarters and a whole bunch of candy. She told everyone at daycare last week that she was doing and Easter egg hunt and they thought she was getting her holidays mixed up. LOL!!! I just explained to them what happened at Easter. My side of the family came over and we had a wonderful time at my in-laws. I really wanted to go swimming but no one else wanted to so that kinda sucked but it was a great day. I got to use my new camera which takes great pictures. Princess ate her dinner well and got to ride her bike down grandma’s looong drive way. I actually raced Princess on foot one time and nearly had a heart attack:)

Grandma's beautiful backyard

< I made homemade potato salad for the first time and LOVED IT!!!! I am not much of a potato salad fan because most people put onions and other stuff I don't like in it. I just put the bare minimums like egg, potatoes, mayo and mustartd. Everyone else said they like it too, so I will definately be making that easy recipe again. At around 9:15pm we all went outside and sat in the yard to watch the citys fireworks. I loved it and so did Princess. Course I am still suffering from the aftermath of being nearly eaten alive by mosqitos:(

Then we did sparklers and shot off other fireworks for the next hour. Princess does not appear to be afraid of fireworks and on more than one occasion I had to tell her to keep the sparklers away from her face. We then went home with my side of the family where we all immediately hit the hay. So it was a great holiday with our Princess and I feel so priviledged to be able to spend more holidays and special days with her. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Until next time….


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  1. DA Says:

    My favorite part of this was “it appears that princess is not afraid of fireworks…I kept telling her to keep them away from her face.” I’m glad you all had a good holiday.

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