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Am I Crazy? July 28, 2011

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Princess has been here for three months!!! I can’t believe its been that long. I think she has finally settled in a daycare. Unfortunately, just in time for her to start school. She doesn’t handle transition very well and I am worried how the first few months of school will go. She has done very well working with daddy on Hooked On Phonics, and we will continue that during the school year if needed. I would say that 90 % of the time she does well at daycare.

At home she has been having problems with staying in her room at night. She wakes ups and wonders around. She also takes snacks out of the snack cabinet, eats them and hides the wrappers under her bed. I am dumbfounded that I have not heard her wondering. We keep our door open at night and I am a very light sleeper. Plus we have a really small home with paper thin walls. I am extremely nervous that she might get into something that she shouldn’t be in, even though we lock up the chemicals and medications. So we had to put a door alarm on her door. If she comes out at night the door alarm will alert me. Having this makes me feel a whole lot better. We told her about what we were doing before we put the alarm up. We told her that this would keep her safe. She told us that in her previous foster home they installed one on her door. I wonder if it was specifically for her or for other children. I know their were other children in the home. She has been eating well. We do have an occasional battle with eating a new food, but overall she is doing well. I can’t wait to go Back to School shopping with her. She saw her psychiatrist for the first time last week and he is just O.K. Nothing special. I think that when we adopt and have her on our insurance we will get her a new psychiatrist. He didn’t change her medications, which I am happy with, but overall I was not that impressed.

O.K. now to the crazy part. I am wanting another little one in the home. I know, I know, we have just had Princess for three months, but I have found that I love being a mother. We would love to give Princess a little brother or sister. I know though that it will take months to get a call so I wanted to tell our Licensing worker that we would love to be considered for a little boy/girl under the age of two. It took us six months to get Princess and she is six, and specialized, so I know it will take AT LEAST that amount of time to get a little one with no special needs under age two. During this time we will build our relationship and bond with Princess. So I emailed our LW and she said that she would be definitely thinking of us if a placement comes up. I really think that our agency likes us a lot. We do plan on moving into a larger home in the next year and this will give us alot more room. For now we could take one more little one, it will be tight, but we have a huge yard, and huge hearts to fill. Since Princess is specialized we cannot take another specialized child, which we do not want to do anyway. Princess can be a handful at times and I don’t think I could have another little one with special needs. So that is why I partly think I am crazy for wanting another little one. All and all I would like to have three kids. At least one of each sex. We will see what happens. Until next time…..


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