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Not a good week:( August 1, 2011

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Princess was kicked out of daycare yesterday. I got a call at work yesterday from the daycare telling me that they needed me to come pick Princess up. She was hitting/kicking and biting her teachers. Since Princess has been with us the daycare has called me about once every two weeks and only one other time did I have to go get her. Yesterday she took her behaviors to a whole new level.

It all started when she wanted to take out the bucket full of toys outside. They take turns taking this bucket out and it was not her turn yesterday. She tried to take it out anyway. When she was told that she could not take the bucket out she started to hit another child over the head with the lid. She then started to pinch the other child so the child would let the bucket go. At that point the teacher took her to the office. She then started to hit and kick at her teacher and the daycare director. At one point she bite the teacher several times and left marks on the teachers arm. She would not calm down and continued to try to run out of the room. When she was hitting the teachers she was laughing and trying everything she could to get a rise out of them. I was an hour away and had to have my aunt pick her up. When my aunt got their she flipped a switch and was fine. I understand why daycare is not allowing her back. I don’t think they can handle her behaviors. It really sucks because it was the best daycare in town and with only three weeks left of school.

I am so upset right now. For the last few weeks she has been doing fairly well. She even was able to go on a few field trips with the daycare. Now this. So I went home and took all of her toys out of her room. She was not going to come home and expect to be able to play and not have consequences for her behaviors. She didnt take that well. I then told my MIL what happened and how I took her toys away from her. My MIL preceded to tell me I needed to start giving the toys back because she was only six. Ummmm, did you not just hear me tell you that she left bite marks in her teachers arms and she was laughing when she was hitting her teachers!!!!!! I am just tired and worn out. Sorry for the vent. I thought things were going well. But I its going to take alot longer than three months to help her with her behaviors that she has had for six years. She can be the sweetest kid ever and then all of a sudden she turns violent. Well we will see how these next few weeks will go. I will be home with her. We are setting up a schedule to follow. I will update. Until next time….


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