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Mixed Emotions August 11, 2011

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So I got a call from our LW today about Sweetie. She said that Sweetie’s current foster mom was being investigated and Sweetie would more than likely need a home by monday. There is a 60-70% chance that we will get Sweetie. One on hand I am thrilled to have Sweetie come stay with us, but on the other hand I am sad for the Foster mom and Sweetie. I really liked the Foster mom and she seemed like a good person to me. So I am hoping that the allegations are false. She has had Sweetie for a year now and was planning on adopting if Sweetie became available. I could tell she really loved Sweetie. Also, I feel bad for Sweetie because she would have to be moved yet again in her short lifetime.

Last time I heard Sweetie was going to be reunified with her mom within the next few months, so I don’t know how long we will have Sweetie, if we get her. I also think that Sweetie’s birthday is this month and I can’t imagine how the Foster mom would feel about not seeing her on her birthday. I can’t say I know for sure that FM didn’t do anything but I really think she is a good mom. In the foster care world anyone can be investigated, so it could all be false, or true. For right now I am going to give the FM the benefit of the doubt. If Sweetie does come to us I am sure the FM will let me what happened since we will be the ones picking up Sweetie.

I am going to be in pins and needles till monday wondering whats going to happen. I also wonder how this is going to effect Princess. She would love to have another kid in the home, as she tell me frequently that she wants another sister or brother, but when reality sets in that she has to share her time with mom and dad then I don’t know how things will go. If she comes we will dedicate our time to these two little girls that have been through so much, and shower them with love. Ok well I got to go get Princess started on her bath. I will update as soon as I know more. Until next time…..


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