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Long Time no post November 28, 2011

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Well, sorry its been so long since I last posted. It seems like a lifetime ago that I posted my last post. So much has been going on. First off, we have Sweetie now. For how long, that’s a whole other post. Our LW called us and asked us if we would take her and we said yes. So we waited a few days before we would know for sure if we would get her. That monday came and the LW told us that Sweetie would be staying with her foster mom. I was glad she got to stay in her home, but it would have been nice to have another little one. It was the very next day that DH and I decided that we would put our house on the market. Since Princess has arrived our house has been getting smaller by the moment. We also “eventually” wanted to add another kiddo to the family and needed another bedroom. Thus we started to process of de-cluttering. Two weeks after our LW told us that Sweetie would be staying with her Foster mom, the CW called us back and said they needed to move Sweetie that day. So DH and I rushed home to pick up all stuff we have out, so we could greet Sweetie.

Sweetie has been in our home for three months now. We have had growing pains but things have settled down. We don’t know now when Sweetie will be going home, so we are in the foster care limbo world. YEAH!!!!!

Princess has been doing WONDERFULLY at school. No behavioral problems and is doing well academically. She still has her moments and argues often with Sweetie, but all in all things are going well. We hope to finalize her adoption in early spring.

Our house is still on the market and I pray we find a buyer soon. With two girls now its just too small. Well I promise to keep up this time. Until next time……


2 Responses to “Long Time no post”

  1. Dawn Says:

    It has been a long time since I checked in with you but sounds like you have been VERY busy and not posting so I haven’t missed anything.

    Sounds like you’ll be having a GREAT holiday at your house this year! Congrats!

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