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Welcoming Sheldon and Rick October 24, 2012

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So sorry I haven’t been on here much. We have all been passing sickness around our house. I think we are FINALLY done!!! It was like six weeks that at least one of us was sick at one particular time. Now I get to tell you the story about how our two little ones came to our home. For the purpose of this blog they will be known as Sheldon, age 3, and Rick, age 2.

When Sweetie went home we had about a month before we would go back onto the call list for placements. The main reason was we were going to Disney World the day Princess completed first grade and two we needed a break. Since Princess and Sweetie were both specialized we had a Case worker coming to the home every week and therapy for Princess on a weekly basis, so we needed some family time. I told my hubby that we would be calling our Licensing Worker the day after we got home because I was ready. Well before we could call her she called us. She wanted to know if we would take two little brothers ages 3 and 1 1/2. That was the perfect ages. Hubby was right there with me when she called and we both said yes immediately.

So it was a few days before they would come and we went out and bought the three year old a toddler bed, bedding and a few outfits for them. We were ecstatic to say the least. But unfortunately only hours before they were to arrive the Case worker called and said that family would be taking them in. I was devastated and kicked myself for getting my hopes up. When we first started fostering our first call fell through at the last minute and I just thought I would have learned my lesson. But I knew there would always be other calls. So for about a week we settled into our summer routine. Then our Licensing worker called again. This time for a baby. We said yes but that fell through at the last minute too. At least with the baby we only got the call and then they called to tell us family wanted the baby within a matter of hours. So we were cautious.

Anyway, two weeks after the boys went to relatives the Case worker called me and told me they were requesting the boys be moved, can we take them still? Heck Yeah!!!! Within a few hours Sheldon and Rick were in our home and a part of our family. Sheldon is a very excitable three year old with a slight speech delay. He started preschool in our local school district and will start speech therapy soon. Rick is a typical 2 year old. He just turned two a few weeks ago. He does get speech, developemental and physical therapy once a week. He is coming along in all of those therapies. When he first came to us he didn’t say a word but now he is speaking new words every day. We are thinking that they will be here for the long haul.We will love and snuggle them for as long as we have them. Princess is doing really well with them and helps out a lot. We actually have more appointments that we did with Princess and Sweetie, but things are smoothing out and we are getting into a routine. They have been here four months already. That’s crazy to think. It just seemed like yesterday they came and some days it seems like they were with us forever. So now we start another roller coaster ride. Some days I am up for it and some days I am not. Well I think thats about it for today. Until next time…..


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