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Rick’s 2nd Birthday October 30, 2012

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So earlier this month our little Rick turned two years old. He had a Cookie Monster themed birthday party.I made this cake for Rick and everyone else had cookie monster cupcakes. In our family, for the birthdays everyone gets a homemade cake. Princess’s cake  was a Power Ranger Samurai cake which she loved. Rick’s and Princess’s birthdays are about a month apart so it was a busy couple of weeks. We had family come over for Rick’s birthday and we ordered pizza. He loved his birthday cake and dived right in. I wish I could post pictures of what he looked liked

He did well opening gifts and was in a really good mood. I went online to Etsy and got him a shirt with his name, age and a picture of Cookie monster on it. Adorable!!!! By they time bed time rolled around he was ready to hit the hay. He had a visit with his parents the very next day. I wonder if they celebrated his birthday? I didn’t ask the visit supervisor because I usually just ask how the visits went. His response is most always, “good”. Part of me feels sad that his parents are missing out on the milestones that he is reaching. He is talking so much more then when he first came to us. They are missing so many firsts. That’s the way I feel about Princess’s bio mom too. She will miss her daughters childhood and it just is very upsetting at times. I am so blessed to have Princesses and the boys in my life. I pray for all their biological parents and that they find peace in their situations. For the boys I know that it is up to their parents to step up and work their case plan as quickly as possible so they won’t have to miss these precious moments. Will they do it? I don’t know. But in the meantime I will cherish every moment with these precious boys. Until next time……


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