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We got a baby:) November 12, 2012

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Ok, so we only have her for eleven days, but still we got a call on Friday for a seven week old baby girl. Her blog name will be Rosie. So I was in the middle of speech and developmental therapy with Rick when my cell phone rang. It was our agency, so I was thinking it could be for a placement. I got that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. I also had a feeling of anxiety. We are so busy lately with the three kiddos we have now and church, school, therapy, dance, etc. I don’t want to take on more than we can chew. Almost always our Licensing worker calls for the placement so when it was a voice I didn’t recognize I thought it could be for something else other than a placement. Well, it was  a supervisor who said someone recommended us and she was calling to see if we could take temporary custody of Rosie that day. I told her I would have to talk to my hubby and call her back. 

My head was totally saying no, we cant do this right now. We are having renovations done on our home, and just so much stuff was going on that we didn’t need to rock the boat. I think I would have thought differently if it was for a long term placement but this is more like a respite. Hubby was home so I asked him right away and he said, “sure, why not”. Well I was hesitant also because I knew that I would lose my full night of sleep for the next week. But in the end we said yes. Dont get me wrong, this is our dream call minus the temporary part. I have just been tired and fighting a cold, and Rick has been in full steam “terrible two” mode. So Rosie came five hours later, thankfully with everything she needed. She will be reunified with family on the next court date in a week.

She is adorable!!! So tiny too. We are truly blessed to have her. This little one has been our crash course in infants. Up until now Rick has been our youngest coming to us at 20 months old. The last two night have been rough. She came with a bassinet but she just will not sleep in one. I have been having to hold her and rock her. She does eat well and is on target developmentally. We went to a wedding yesterday and she did wonderful. Rick has been very jealous and acting up, which is normal. So needless to say its going to be a long week. Four kids is not for the faint of heart. Plus my hubby’s sister is going to have her baby within the next few days, so we are going to be very busy. Well I got to go tuck some kiddos into bed. Until next time…….


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