Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Exhaustion sets in November 15, 2012

Well we have had Rosie for 5 days now and I can tell you that I am totally exhausted. The first few nights she did not sleep at all and then the third and fourth night she did great. Last night not so much. I am not used to getting up in the middle of the night so when the morning comes I would trade anything to have a few more hours of sleep. I guess the old saying comes to mind. “Be careful what you wish for”. I am truly happy that we have her but just really tired. Plus Rick has been a holy terror lately and that’s no fun.

On the bright side I now know whats it like to take care of a newborn. I didnt know if I would ever get that chance, plus she is a doll. If we were going to have her longer I totally would have went shopping by now. She has had frequent visits with bio mom, which I think is essential for her bonding, and those have been going great. I wish all parents worked as hard as Rosie’s mom. Well I just thought I would do a check in. I am off to bed. Until next time……


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