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Happy Thanksgiving November 24, 2012

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Image Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. This picture of Princess is from last year at Thanksgiving. I took pics this year I just haven’t uploaded them. Its amazing how much she has grown. Her hair is so much longer. She has the most beautiful curly hair ever, course she wants it to be straight like mine. What I wouldn’t give for her beautiful curls. Well Rosie went home as scheduled. I was both saddened and relieved at the same time. She was such a precious baby, but I so missed my sleep. Now we are back down to three kiddos. I wonder if we will keep it this way for awhile:) We all went over to my in-laws for a Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday night. It was good to be around family. Plus we have a new addition to the family. Beautiful Brooke was welcomed into the world last week and we celebrated her first Thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving we stayed home and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. Rick was amazed by all the singing and dancing. Then on Thursday night me and hubby went on our annual Black Friday shopping spree. Course now its not black Friday anymore because its a day early. I don’t really like it that way, but it is what it is. Grandma and Aunt Sarah had to privilege of watching the kiddos while we shopped. Needless to say they were exhausted by the time we picked them up on Friday morning.

I am so very thankful for my three wonderful kiddos and my awesome hubby. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful life and family. Well I am off to crash in front of the couch and watch some television. The kiddos are asleep and here’s to hoping they sleep in tomorrow. Until next time…..


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