Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

So another journey begins:) February 4, 2013

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So let me tell you about why we decided to go the domestic adoption route. First off we are still fostering our two little ones and will continue to foster while we go through the domestic adoption process. On January 10th we went to a foster parent support group meeting. This was our first meeting and I was so excited to get to meet new people and possibly make some new friends. Also, we get training hours if we attend and they also have childcare and dinner is provided. We met a several people and really enjoyed our evening. Once particular lady is currently fostering and she also just adopted an infant through our agencies domestic adoption program. I did not know before meeting her that you could do foster care and domestic at the same time. She also went on to tell me that the agency has a sliding scale fee when it comes to adoption expenses. She told me that her adoption was less than $14,000. I was stunned that she was able to adopt for that amount. I had always read it would be at least $20,000 plus. She said she was willing to meet me for lunch sometime to discuss the agencies program  and her experience in more detail.

Hubby and I had talked about going the domestic route but always thought that it was out of our budget, and I had always wanted to adopt through foster care anyway. We also were nervous because in the majority of adoptions nowadays the birthmother picks the adoptive family and I always thought that no one would pick us. But after talking to this wonderful lady we took some time to tall to each other and pray about it. For the next few weeks I was in research mode. This lady also told me about a great adoption support group that met once a month. At those meetings I could talk to women that were going through the process or had already adopted. So I did end up meeting this lady for lunch and attended my first adoption support group. I will tell you about that in my next post.

Anyway, Princess and Sheldon are starting to enter the realm of sibling rivalry. Yeah for that!!! Before Sheldon really just followed Princess and did what she asked. Now he is starting to talk back and have his own opinions. Which makes it fun for me. Both Sheldon and Rick have come so far since they came her nearly eight months ago. Its hard to imagine them not being apart of our family. Well, I am off to do some much needed laundry. Until next time….


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