Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Beginnings take two February 6, 2013

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So after meeting this lady who we will call Michelle for the sake of this blog, we were very excited to research adoption through our agency. Hubby wanted us to wait six months and start saving, but I wanted so badly to get going with the process because you never know how long things are going to take. So we decided that I would meet with Michelle for lunch one day and also attend the adoption support group that she told me about.

I emailed Michelle and we met at a local sandwich shop to talk things over. She told me about her adoption journey and I asked several questions. I was even more excited after I spoke with her. Since we are open to race I think that our wait time could be shorter, you just never know. Michelle had a wealth of knowledge and I am so thankful for her and wanting to help us through this journey. So, I met her on Friday and then on Sunday I met with Michelle at the Adoption Support group. I was so nervous. I get nervous around a crowd that I do not know. Everyone was so nice. Although I didn’t learn much more that was Michelle had told me I felt like a part of an extended family with these ladies. I am sure that I will learn so much from them. 

After talking with Hubby for the next several days we decided to start the plunge and call our agency. My first step was to call our Foster Care Licensing Worker. I absolutely lover her. She has been wonderful the last two years. She is the one that calls us for new placements. I didn’t need to call her but it was a common courtesy to let her know what we are doing. I called her on Thursday January 31st. She was excited and we assured her that we were not done fostering. That was one of our fears that she would not call us for other placements when she knew we wanted to go the domestic adoption route. It could take up to few years before we would be able to be placed. She told me who to contact and I felt so much better letting her know. Our agency has been nothing but wonderful to us. So the following day I called the adoption worker at our agency. I will tell you about that call in my next post. Right now I am headed off to get my kiddos to bed. Sheldon has been sick today and I hope he can get some rest tonight. Until next time…..


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