Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

New Arrival February 22, 2013

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Two days ago I got the call that I was both dreading and hoping for at the same time. Our Licensing worker called with a new placement. Our dream placement, a four month old little girl. What could I say? We have just started the process for a domestic adoption and we were pretty settled with the three we have. I knew the call would come when we were all settled down and had our routines down pat. If you would have asked me six months ago I would have been 100% sure and extremely excited. But after she gave me the little one’s info I didn’t know whether to jump for joy or go running for the hills. I did the usual thing and called Hubby to tell him. He immediately said, “So you said yes right?”. Well I was having conflicting feelings. First off, how was this going to effect our chances to adopt. All my adoption worker said was that we needed to keep a “spot” open for a little one. Well, if we were to take this baby girl that would leave us with one spot. So that was fine, but how would the adoption worker take it? We would have an 8yr old, 4 yr old, 2yr old, and 4 month old, and we wanted another one? Course we all know three of my little ones are foster and will eventually(maybe, possibly, you never know) be going home.Course you  never know. With the baby she would be at least a six month or more placement. The boys, who knows. Another point was, could I handle four kiddos. I know that it was looking pretty good that we would have the boys for awhile so more than likely they would be here when we got a call for an adoptive placement, but I figured that Rick would be out of diapers by then. Hubby said it would be good practice so to speak and who knows, what if the little one became eligible for adoption?

So with mixed emotions we said yes. Well, my mixed emotions. She came the next day. Boy, is she a cutie pie. So for this blog we will call her Cutie. For the first twelve hours or so she was very fussy and wouldn’t eat very much. I was very worried. She has acid reflux and so I was thinking that might be the cause of her not eating. Now over 36 hours later she is doing very well and eating good. I think she just was overwhelmed by a new environment, people, smells, etc. We are settling in and will take it one day at a time. She slept really well the first night, so here’s to hoping she continues to sleep well. I love my sleep. Well I hear Cutie calling, until next time….


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