Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

The Call that Started the Ball February 28, 2013

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After talking to our Licensing worker I called on a Thursday and left a message with the Domestic Adoption specialist at our agency. She called me back Friday morning during Rick’s therapy sessions. Luckily hubby was there and I was able to step out of the room and talk with the adoption specialist. I told her we were wanting to start the process of a domestic adoption and would like to have more information. She told me about the program a little and about the fee’s. The program is on a sliding scale basis, which is nice and based of our income. Granted it is still a big chunk of change but not thirty thousand dollars big. She told me that she would send out a packet and application in the mail that afternoon. Needless to say  I was hoping I would have it in my hand on Saturday and mail it back first thing Monday morning. Well, that didn’t happen. A week later the packet came in the mail. Yeah!!!!!! I worked on the packet for two days and promptly mailed it back. The packet included the application, a huge brochure of the program and policies and a few other pamphlets. We needed to fill the application out, send in our tax returns, and send in a picture of our family. I emailed the adoption specialist and let her know we were so excited to work with her and the agency. A few days later I was sent a consent form to sign so the adoption specialist could get our foster care records from the foster care department. Then a few days after that we got an email from an intern saying she wanted to set up a time to meet with us on March 4th or 6th. So I am waiting to here back from her. I am hoping it only takes us about three months to do the home study because we have so much already done through our foster care license. So its chugging along. One step at a time.

I have my hands full right now so that makes things easier. I can’t believe I have four kiddos in the house. I will talk more about how Cutie is settling in on my next post. Until next time……


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