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Princess update November 20, 2013

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So Princess has been with us for two and a half years now. Time flies by so quickly. She is growing up so fast I can’t believe it. I look back on pictures when we first got her and am amazed at how much she has grown. She just turned nine in September. She finished second grade and did very well academically but socially she struggled. Emotionally she is more on a five year old level but academically right on target. I think that she just does not know how to relate to her peers. She was going to a social group class to learn more skills but I do not think it helped. We decided to find a attachment therapist in the area and started seeing her this spring. The therapist recommended that we first make sure she has a solid bond with us before we worked on social skills. Even though she has been with us for two years she still has a long ways to go with attachment. She needs to grow and mature over time. So we decided to home school her this year so she can bond more with us and also it takes the pressure off of her. She was always coming home saying how she did not have friends and would often get into arguments with her classmates. Since we started school in the beginning of September she has done quite well. We still struggle with her getting frustrated easily over her school work but it can easily be redirected. She enjoys school and still has social involvement with kids at church and family.

Princess adores Cutie and loves having a little sister. She has quarrels with Sheldon and Rick often but that is sibling rivalry I will just have to get used to. I want her to stay little forever. She is grown way to fast for my liking. But thank the Lord she still believes in Santa. I figure next year we will have to have the talk about Santa. We moved around rooms this summer and She has a smaller room but we fixed it up all girly. She has pink walls, butterfly décor and new bedding, bed and dresser. I will post pictures later. She really loves the room. This past summer she did start picking more and it was frustrating to see, but within the past few weeks she has been doing so much better. She has been asking me for a sibling closer to her age but we tell her that that will not happen:) This past summer she went to a horse riding camp and loved it. She did so well and I am hoping to have her do it again next summer. As a kid we had horses for a short time and remember all the fun we had. Well that’s the update for Princess. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Until next time….


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