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Journey to completing our family

Sheldon Update November 20, 2013

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So Sheldon and Rick have been with us for 18 months. Its hard to believe that Sheldon was just a little over three when he came to us. He has grown so much. When we first got Sheldon he was not very affectionate. I do not think that he was shown affection very much before coming to us. When I would give him hugs and kisses he would should stand still like a board with his hands to his sides. Now he runs to me all the time for hugs and kisses and says he loves us. He is going on his second year in preschool and doing quite well. Next year he will be in kindergarten, its hard to believe. He is very polite and we are teaching him to open doors for others, which he loves to do. He loves to go to AWANA’s and children’s choir.

Sheldon has a very tender heart and I really do hope he keeps that no matter what happens in the future. As for reunification time with his family, that is probably going to be another year or so. We have fallen head over heals in love with them and are truly blessed to have them in our lives. Sheldon right now is in that super hero stage where he loves to dress up as the Hulk, spiderman, batman, etc. He is a truly precious boy and we are so glad he is in our lives. Until next time…..


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