Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Rick’s update November 21, 2013

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DSC_7412 What, oh what can I say about Rick. He came to us at 20 months old, just started walking and not speaking a word. Oh, how I miss those silent days:) No just kidding. He talks non-stop now. He graduated from speech therapy, and developmental therapy. In the beginning of October he started pre-school. Boy was that hard for me. I was dead set about him not going, unfortunately all foster children in the state of Illinois have to be in a pre-school program when they turn three. Well, not unfortunately, but I just wanted to keep him home for another year. Because of the way his birthday falls he will be in pre-school for three years, so why not let him stay home another year? Also, I want him to get all the help he can get while he is with us. How is he doing in pre-school you might ask? Well, overall he is doing good. He is as smart as a whip, but can be defiant at times. He likes to get into EVERYTHING still and tests his boundaries every two seconds. But that is normal for a just turned three year old. They say the terrible two’s aren’t as bad as the horrid three’s and I have first hand experience. This kid keeps me on  my toes. He is potty trained other than an occasional accident in the middle of the night. He also is amazing with Cutie. He is very gentle and loving towards her. He is growing like a weed, and sleeps fairly well. Knock on wood he still takes daily naps. Once in a blue moon he doesn’t take a nap, and those days are Looooong days. He is all boy and then some. We are not suppose to show faces of foster children online so I have this picture of Rick from last years snow. Well that’s about it. Until next time…….


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