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Cutie’s Update December 4, 2013

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So I don’t have any good non identifying pictures of Cutie yet, so I will just have to take some for you for future posts. Cutie came to us in February of Last year. So she has been with us for about nine and a half months. She is now 13 months old. She has grown leaps and bounds since she came. She used to have really bad acid reflux and she has now grown out of it. She did not qualify Early Intervention and is developmentally on target. She has not started walking yet, but crawls like a maniac and I think she will crawl when she is ready. At first I was concerned about that but from what I have read every child is different and not to be concerned about it now.

As you may recall when we first got the call for Cutie I was very anxious that we could not handle four little ones and I was seriously considering turning down the placement. Well I am so glad my hubby talked me into it. I would have made the worst mistake of my life if I would have said no. She is amazing and we all love her soooo much!!!!!!!! At this time we are not for sure how long she will stay but we will cherish every moment with have with her and our boys. Until she was eleven months old she would wake up at least once during the night and now she sleeps all night long. As she continues to try new grown up food I have learned that she does not like meat as much as other foods. She does love Salisbury steak though:) As 

As far a teething go, six of her teeth came in one right after the other and we haven’t had major teething problems so far. She says mama and bye bye right now. All the kids love to play with her and give her kisses and hugs. I was afraid that Rick would be very jealous of her, but except for a few incidents he has been wonderful and is very gentle with her. Its hard to believe that three years ago we were wondering if we would ever have children and now we have four beautiful children. Our God is amazing!!! Well that’s it for now. Until next time……. 


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