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So much to tell January 31, 2014

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So much has happened these last few months that it would be hard to tell it all in one post, but I am going to try and tell the main points. So here goes nothing. Several months ago we found out that Rick and Sheldon’s bio mom was pregnant to our major surprise. Initially we were told that the baby would be born at the end of January or early February. Also, it was not a guarantee that she would come into care. First things first Hubby and I had to discuss if when the time comes we decide on if we were going to take the baby. That would be five kiddos, a 9yr old, 4yr old, 3 yr old, 14 month old and then a newborn. I mean talk about chaos. But we knew right away that we would take the baby if the baby would come into care. We didn’t want the siblings split up and if there was ever a chance that the boys would be with us permanently we would want their sibling too. So we told the caseworker that we would accept placement if the baby were to come into care. Fast forward to November 27th, the day before Thanksgiving. The boys were going to have a visit and they were all ready to go when their case aid called and said that there would be not visit that day because bio mom had just had a baby girl!!!! I was shocked that she had the baby so early, which come to find out was not early at all but a full term baby girl. Long story short she was coming into care and she spent the first three weeks of her life in the NICU. On December 20th 2013 I went to pick up Little bit at the hospital. For the purpose of this blog her name with be called Little Bit or LB for short. She is a tiny little thing. So our family grew two more feet that day. She is the best baby ever, she sleeps well and doesn’t fuss that much. One thing that concerns me is she isn’t eating as much as she should and so they upped her calorie intake in her formula. So now we have LB and she is just a doll. But that doesn’t end our update what’s been happening. I will leave it at that for today but tomorrow I will tell you the rest of our story. Until next time……


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