Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family

Rick’s update November 21, 2013

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DSC_7412 What, oh what can I say about Rick. He came to us at 20 months old, just started walking and not speaking a word. Oh, how I miss those silent days:) No just kidding. He talks non-stop now. He graduated from speech therapy, and developmental therapy. In the beginning of October he started pre-school. Boy was that hard for me. I was dead set about him not going, unfortunately all foster children in the state of Illinois have to be in a pre-school program when they turn three. Well, not unfortunately, but I just wanted to keep him home for another year. Because of the way his birthday falls he will be in pre-school for three years, so why not let him stay home another year? Also, I want him to get all the help he can get while he is with us. How is he doing in pre-school you might ask? Well, overall he is doing good. He is as smart as a whip, but can be defiant at times. He likes to get into EVERYTHING still and tests his boundaries every two seconds. But that is normal for a just turned three year old. They say the terrible two’s aren’t as bad as the horrid three’s and I have first hand experience. This kid keeps me on  my toes. He is potty trained other than an occasional accident in the middle of the night. He also is amazing with Cutie. He is very gentle and loving towards her. He is growing like a weed, and sleeps fairly well. Knock on wood he still takes daily naps. Once in a blue moon he doesn’t take a nap, and those days are Looooong days. He is all boy and then some. We are not suppose to show faces of foster children online so I have this picture of Rick from last years snow. Well that’s about it. Until next time…….


So another journey begins:) February 4, 2013

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So let me tell you about why we decided to go the domestic adoption route. First off we are still fostering our two little ones and will continue to foster while we go through the domestic adoption process. On January 10th we went to a foster parent support group meeting. This was our first meeting and I was so excited to get to meet new people and possibly make some new friends. Also, we get training hours if we attend and they also have childcare and dinner is provided. We met a several people and really enjoyed our evening. Once particular lady is currently fostering and she also just adopted an infant through our agencies domestic adoption program. I did not know before meeting her that you could do foster care and domestic at the same time. She also went on to tell me that the agency has a sliding scale fee when it comes to adoption expenses. She told me that her adoption was less than $14,000. I was stunned that she was able to adopt for that amount. I had always read it would be at least $20,000 plus. She said she was willing to meet me for lunch sometime to discuss the agencies program  and her experience in more detail.

Hubby and I had talked about going the domestic route but always thought that it was out of our budget, and I had always wanted to adopt through foster care anyway. We also were nervous because in the majority of adoptions nowadays the birthmother picks the adoptive family and I always thought that no one would pick us. But after talking to this wonderful lady we took some time to tall to each other and pray about it. For the next few weeks I was in research mode. This lady also told me about a great adoption support group that met once a month. At those meetings I could talk to women that were going through the process or had already adopted. So I did end up meeting this lady for lunch and attended my first adoption support group. I will tell you about that in my next post.

Anyway, Princess and Sheldon are starting to enter the realm of sibling rivalry. Yeah for that!!! Before Sheldon really just followed Princess and did what she asked. Now he is starting to talk back and have his own opinions. Which makes it fun for me. Both Sheldon and Rick have come so far since they came her nearly eight months ago. Its hard to imagine them not being apart of our family. Well, I am off to do some much needed laundry. Until next time….


To New Beginnings February 1, 2013

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Happy belated New Year:) We had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to whats to come in 2013. Hubby and I have decided that we are going to pursue private domestic adoption. I will tell you the whole story in another post but events lately have led up to this decision. Princess, Rick and Sheldon are all doing well and I will also update you on them in further detail later on. I just wanted to give you a quick update.  I am off now to do baths and tuck my little ones in bed. Hope all is well with everyone. Until next time……


Exhaustion sets in November 15, 2012

Well we have had Rosie for 5 days now and I can tell you that I am totally exhausted. The first few nights she did not sleep at all and then the third and fourth night she did great. Last night not so much. I am not used to getting up in the middle of the night so when the morning comes I would trade anything to have a few more hours of sleep. I guess the old saying comes to mind. “Be careful what you wish for”. I am truly happy that we have her but just really tired. Plus Rick has been a holy terror lately and that’s no fun.

On the bright side I now know whats it like to take care of a newborn. I didnt know if I would ever get that chance, plus she is a doll. If we were going to have her longer I totally would have went shopping by now. She has had frequent visits with bio mom, which I think is essential for her bonding, and those have been going great. I wish all parents worked as hard as Rosie’s mom. Well I just thought I would do a check in. I am off to bed. Until next time……


Its been so long….. September 25, 2012

I can’t believe how long its been since I last posted on here. So much has been going on that I don’t know where to begin. Well for starters we moved into a new home in March of this year. It took us about eight months to sell our home,which in this market is very fast. I miss our old home at times but I absolutely love our new home. It has four bedrooms and two baths, plus a basement!!!! Princess and Sweetie got their own bedrooms and boy did that help out with bedtime. Also, Sweetie was reunited with her mom at the end of April. We miss her but I am glad her mom was able to work her case plan and welcome Sweetie home.                                 

Less than a week after Sweetie went home we finalized Princess’s adoption:) On May 1st Princess officially became our forever daughter. A year and one day after she came into our lives. She is truly our little princess and I love her with all my heart. To celebrate we went to Disneyworld  after Princess finished 1st grade, which I might add she did wonderful all throughout. We have two new little ones in our home and also have had a few respite placements here and there, but I will post more later. I just wanted to say I am back and hopefully will stay back. Here is a picture of our precious Princess, now that I can officially introduce you:) Until next time…..Image


Initial Interview with Case worker!!! August 11, 2010

So, after SEVERAL hours of cleaning our house, we had our first interview with the foster care license worker. She was extremely nice and helpful. She said we could foster upt to two children at one time! Yeah! So we have to get a crib and a twin bed. We have several papers to fill out and hopefully on the 26th of this month we can start PRIDE classes. PRIDE is a nine week course that we have to do to become foster parents. So we meet once a week for three hours. So hopefully we will have little guests with us for christmas this year. We told Ryan’s parents and they are excited as we are. I just want to dive right in and do all that I can to get things rolling. So we told the Caseworker(CW) that we would like to take boy/girls ages 0-5 years old, any race and low to moderate needs. We told her that our ultimate goal was to to adopt and she said that many children that come into foster care become eligible for adoption after some time. I know that is is a great risk that we are taking by opening our heart and home to children that may or may not stay with us, but it is a risk we will take, so that some day we will find our children and complete our family.


Yeah…So excited June 4, 2010

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Well, I am one of those people that cannot wait for anything. So I have been looking at the waiting children’s list online. These are sites that post pictures and profiles of children that are available for adoption. My husband and I have talked about getting children ages 3 and under because we would be new parents and want the child to grow up with us. Well, most of the children on the adoption sites are older children.

So I was thinking that I would love to have a girl under the age of six. It is me, my husband and our two male puppies in the home so not nearly enought pink:) I talked to Ryan last night briefly about maybe aception girls ages 0-6 and boys ages 0-3. He said ok to this. Now I am so excited. I would be able to go shopping with her and pick out cute clothes, braid her hair, and take her to the mall. So we are keeping our fingers crossed. Only nine more days till we meet with the social worker.


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Journey through Foster care and adoption

Journey to completing our family