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Evan February 12, 2011

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Evan is one of my furry baby boys. We got him in March of 2009. His birthday is actually one day before Ryan’s. We got him from a breeder in southwest Missouri. I had never heard of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel before, but found this breed while I was looking in a dog book at Borders. I thought they were adorable. They are also wonderful family dogs. Cavaliers are extremely popular in England. THey are like golden retrievers over here. I have had many people ask me if he is a cocker spaniel. Yes, they are a spaniel, but in my opinion are alot better than cockers:) But that is just my humble opinion.

I had to BEG Ryan to get Evan. At the time we already had two dogs, and we certainly didn’t need a third. But eventually he came around. The first time I saw Evan my heart just melted. He was so cute!!!! Ryan also fell in love. He got along great with the other two dogs and we started the hard and draining potty training. Evan is a major couch potato. From the time we brought him home he was always laid back. He loved to lay up near our necks and just sleep. Through the last two years he has become my baby boy, my Evan Bevan.


When Evan was about six months old we found out he had allergies. We thought it was food allergies, but this past summer we found it was environmental, basically he itches really bad during the summer and we have to take him to the vet to get allergy shots. Evan is the most lovable cutie pie ever!!! He sleeps with us and is always by us. He goes with me on rides and just makes my day when he greats me each time I come home. Just recently we had to find his brother Sam a new home, and Evan was depressed for about a week. I know that may sound weird. A dog depressed? But he hardly ate and moped around more than usual. We knew that we would get him a new brother but didnt know that we would get him one right away. We are still mourning the loss of Sam. The house felt empty without two dogs and Evan needed a companion. So we got Snoopy. Snoopy is a beagle lab mix and is about 10 weeks old. Evan and Snoopy get along great!!!! I will tell you more about Snoopy in another post.

So I just wanted to share with you our special boy. I know he will be a great dog to the little ones that come into the house. He means so much to us. Thanks for reading. Oh and on the calling front, we have not got a call yet. We are going to a all day training on tuesday, so hopefully we will get more information. Until next time…………


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